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Hugel Quests - Gunslinger Job Change

Hugel Quests - Gunslinger Job Change

The requirement of job change is a Novice with Job Lv10.

1. Proceed to the Gunslinger Guild at Einbroch 131 199. Talk to Master Miller npc. The NPC will request you to find Wise Bull Horn NPC at Payon city.

2. Proceed to Payon 184 65 to find Wise Bull Horn NPC, the NPC will ask you to create a scroll for him, so please collect Colorful Shell x 3, Shell x 10, Feather x 3, Wooden Block x 1, Zargon x 3, Green Herb x 3 to the NPC.

3. Talk to the NPC again after a while, he will tell you that the scroll has been completed. The NPC will ask to find Milk x 1, bring the Milk x 1 to him and he will ask you to find Master Miller again.

4. You will be able to change job to Gunslinger after you have returned to Master Miller.

You will be randomly given a Six Shooter or Branch.

Some Details about Gunslinger job:
i. Gunslinger can reset skill if Base Level is 40 or below
ii. Gunslinger's weapon cannot be refined by Whitesmith
iii. Gunslinger cannot be adopted

Hugel Quests - Ninja Job Change

Hugel Quests - Ninja Job Change

The requirement of job change is a Novice with Job Lv10.

1. Proceed to the Ninja Guild at Amatsu 147 136. Try to go into the invisible path (Hint:Look for the Japanese character on the wall) at que_ng 21 151. Find the Cougar Guy NPC and talk to him. You need to take the task of delivering the letter to Wildcat.

2. Proceed to Einbroch 184 194 to talk to Suspicious Man (to reach this NPC, firstly talk to Kincaid at Einbroch 176 170, pay a fee and take a tour) and he will help you to look for Wildcat. However, player needs to finish the task given by him. Task: Gather Cyfar x 5, Phracon x 1.

3. Once you have completed the task given by him,you will come to know that the Suspicious Man is the one who wrote the letter given out by Cougar Guy. He will tell you that Wildcat is the nickname given by Guy. He is the rival of Guy who is known as Red Leopard Joe.

4. After receiving the letter from Guy, Joe will write a reply to him. He will send you to Amatsu by warp portal.

5. Find Cougar Guy again, he will require you to deliver the letter to him and get back the reply letter. He also wants you to help him to create weapon by gathering the materials for him. The ingredients are the same: Cyfar x 5 and Phracon x 1.

6. Talk to Guy again you will be able to perform job upgrade after gathering the correct materials, you will receive Asura x 1.

Some Details about Ninja job:
i. Ninja can reset skill if Base Level is 40 or below
ii. Ninja's weapon can be refined by Whitesmith
iii. Ninja cannot be adopted

Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanatos Tower Quest - Noghalt

1. Talk to the Entrance Manager (Gurter) at hu_fild01 140 163 to enter the tower. Entrance fee is 5000zeny (or 3000zeny for exploration helper).
2. In the tower entrance, talk to Guide (Dietzsche) at tha_t01 149 78 for introduction and you can also sign a mercenary contract to help clearing monster at the tower with her.
3. Guide (Rier) at tha_t01 140 78 is for prize redemption. Collect items from monsters in the tower to redeem.
4. When you reach the 2nd floor, you can proceed to the 3rd floor by talking to Entrance Manager (Blad) at tha_t02 231 161. However, you must have at least 5 members in your party to proceed
5. Find a Mechanism at tha_t03 67 70. You need equip with a level 4 weapon to get a Red Key.
6. Proceed to 4th floor, find another Mechanism at tha_t04 195 195. Enter the correct numeric combination to get a Yellow Key. (Refer to Number Guessing Game for more info)
7. Proceed to 5th floor, find Mechanism at tha_t05 101 37, you will need at least 3 characters to stand near it to get a Blue Key.
8. Proceed to 6th floor, find Mechanism at tha_t06 43 152, you will need to turn the wheels in the correct order. There are 3 ways to turn the wheel to obtain Green Key.
1) up - down - rotate - up - up
2) down - push - up - rotate - down
3) push - up - down - down - rotate
9. Proceed to 9th floor, Enter 'Blue Key' for Mechanism at tha_t09 19 158 to get a 'Black Key'.
10. Go back to 4th floor, insert 'Blue Key' to the Seal at tha_t04 150 44 to get Magic Gem Blue.
11. Proceed to 5th floor, insert 'Red Key' in to Seal at tha_t05 218 116 to get Magic Gem Red.
12. Proceed to 6th floor, enter 'Black Key' into Seal at tha_t06 226 230 to get Magic Gem Black.
13. Proceed to 7th floor, enter 'Yellow Key' into Seal at tha_t07 113 129 to get Magic Gem Yellow.
14. Proceed to 10th floor, enter 'Green Key' into Seal at tha_t10 129 159 to get Magic Gem Green.
15. Proceed to 12th floor, insert Magic Gem Red into StoneStatue at tha_t12 96 59. (p/s must have gathered all gems)
16. Insert Magic Gem Yellow into StoneStatue at tha_t12 161 58.
17. Insert Magic Gem Blue into StoneStatue at tha_t12 104 18
18. Insert Magic Gem Black into StoneStatue at tha_t12 128 86.
19. Finally insert Magic Gem Green into StoneStatue at tha_t12 154 18.
20. The portal at the center of the room (tha_t12 130 51) will be activated. You can proceed to the top floor through the portal.
21. At top floor, insert a 'Piece Of Memory Purple' into the symbol at thana_boss 217 167. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have a Piece Of Memory Purple)
22. Insert a 'Piece Of Memory Green' into the symbol at thana_boss 202 75. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have Piece Of Memory Green)
23. Insert a 'Piece Of Memory Blue' into the symbol at thana_boss 80 76. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have Piece Of Memory Blue)
24. Insert a 'Piece Of Memory Red' into the symbol at thana_boss 62 171. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have Piece Of Memory Red)
25. Proceed to thana_boss 141 218. Monsters will appear when you approach. Defeat all the monsters.
26. After you have defeat all the monsters spawn on the five extended areas, MVP Thanatos will be spawned at the center of the map.

Keywords: Ragnarok,Thanatos tower,Noghalt,Zenny,Quest,Top floor,Tower,pRO

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Bard - Clown - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Bard - Clown
Pang Voice
*Character must be Job Lv40 and above, or Minstrel to learn this skill.
*Character must complete the Geffen Bard Quest to learn this skill.
1. Talk to NPC Lad (prontera 174 328) until the NPC mention ¡§Tropical Sograt¡¨.
2. Purchase a Tropical Sograt from the Bartender in the Morocc Bar (morocc 55 259).
3. Give the drink to NPC Lad to obtain information.
4. Find NPC Gloomy Bard in the Morocc Bar to proceed with the trial.
5. Collect Egg*5 from chicken NPC Ichre in Niflheim (appear at random places) and bring them to the NPC.
6. "Pang Voice" learned!

*eRO property

Dancer - Gypsy - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Dancer - Gypsy
Wink Charm
*Character must be Job Lv40 and above, or Gpysy to learn this skill.
1. Proceed to Comodo and find NPC Chanel (comodo 204 172).
2. Select the correct options and bring Crystal Mirror*1 to the NPC.
3. Proceed to Prontera to find NPC Arl (prontera 183 333).
4. Bring Alchol*1, Apple*1, Banana*3, Well Baked Cookie*5 , and White Plater*1 to the NPC.
5. Talk to the NPC until requested to find NPC Chanel .
6. Return to NPC Chanel for the skill learning trial.
7. "Wink of Charm" learned!

*eRO property

Hunter - Sniper - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Hunter - Sniper
Phantasmic Arrow
*Character must be Job Lv40 and above, or Sniper to learn this skill.
1. Find NPC Master Carbuck (payon_in02 54 13) in the Payon Archer Village (pay_arche 93 166).
2. Talk to NPC Arlebasto (pay_arche 109 169).
3. Collect Cardinal Jewel*5, Harpy' s Feather*5 , and Pet Food*30 for the NPC.
4. "Phantasmic Arrow" learned!

*eRO property

Alchemist - Creator - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Alchemist - Creator
Create Elemental Resist Potion
*Character must be Job Lv40 and above, or Biochemist to learn this skill.
1. Proceed to the building 9 o ' clock from the city center Kapra (yuno 93 180) and look for NPC Felix.
2. Answer the question correctly, player will be requested to collect materials for the experiment: Yellow Gemstone*5, Heart of Mermaid*10, Moth Dust*10, Empty Potion*4.
3. Bring the items to the NPC and assist the NPC to recall the materials required.
4. Collect Blossom of Maneater*20 for the NPC and will be asked to get "something" after the dialogue.
5. Give Spinning Eyes*1 to the NPC, and player will be rewarded with a Elemental Potion Book.
6. By using the Pharmacy skill, Elemental Resist Potions can be created!

Resist Fire : Lizard Scruff*2, Red Gemstone*1, Empty Potion*1
Resist Water : Heart of Mermaid*3, Blue Gemstone*1, Empty Potion*1
Resist Wind : Moth Dust*3, Blue Gemstone*1, Empty Potion*1
Resist Earth : Large Jellopy*2, Yellow Gemstone*1, Empty Potion*1

*eRO property

Sage - Scholar - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Sage - Scholar
Create Elemental Converter
1. Proceed to the Yuno Magic Academy and find NPC Mishuna (yuno_in03 176 24).
2. Collect Scorpion¡¦s Tail*10, Horn*7, Colorful Shell*12, Snail's Shell*10, and Scroll*4 for the NPC.
3. "Create Elemental Converter" learned!

Elemental Change
* Character must have "Create Elemental Converter" & ¡§Flame Launcher"/"Frost Weapon"/ "Thunder Loader"/"Seismic Weapon" (according to the element desired) to learn this skill.
1. Talk to NPC Mishuna (yuno_in03 176 24) to master one type of elemental change.
2. Prepare Payon Solution*1, Morocc Solution*1, and the stone of the element desired*20 (e.g. Boody Red, Crystal Blue, Wind of Verdure, or Yellow Live) for the NPC.
3. "Elemental change skill" learned!

*eRO property

Blacksmith - Whitesmith - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Blacksmith - Whitesmith
Unfairly Trick
*Character must be Job Lv30 and above, or Master Smith to learn this skill.
1. Talk to NPC Aki (geffen 178 72).
2. Prepare Steel*1, Coal*5, Iron Hammer*1 and Dextrimindexta*1 and 500 zeny , as requested by the NPC.
3. Prepare Steel*1 and Coal*3 for the 2nd attempt.
4. Prepare Iron Hammer*1 for the 3rd attempt.
5. "Unfairly Trick" learned!

*Character's current weight and max weight's difference must be lesser than 500 to learn this skill.
1. Talk to NPC Goodday (geffen 172 52) in front of the Blacksmith Guild.
2. Fulfill the task assigned and go back find Gooday.
3. ¡§Greed¡¨ learned!

%eRO property

Wizard - High Wizard - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Sight Blaster - Wizard - High Wizard
1. Proceed to the Wizard Guild, at the top of the Geffen Tower, to find NPC Nyao (gef_tower 115 36).
2. Player will be requested to find a person in the Prontera Knight Guild.
3. Talk to NPC Simon Mayors (prt_in 82 98) to understand the concept of Knockback.
4. Return to NPC Nyao and prepare the following items for the NPC:
Yellow Live*10, Wind of Verdure*10, Bloody Red*10, Crystal Blue*10
5. "Sight Blaster" learned!

*eRO property

Rogue - Stalker - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Close Confine - Rogue - Stalker

1. Proceed to a building in Comodo (cmd_fild09 341 143) and enter with the password: ¡§My father did not steal refining material¡¨.
2. Talk to NPC Ragreg (in_rogue 152 29) and a mission to find NPC Hijaragreg is given.
3. Proceed to Comodo field 07 (cmd_fild07 349 285) and find NPC Thorgreg (in_rogue 268 125) to gather information.
4. Proceed to Comodo field 04 (cmd_fild04 304 180), enter with the password: ¡§Antonio did not like breaking refining material¡¨ , and find NPC Jaygreg (in_rogue 181 114) to gather more information.
5. Search for NPC Hijaragreg (in_rogue 355 179) through the hidden path (in_rogue 350 127) in the Rogue Guild.
6. Select the correct options to obtain a letter to be sent to NPC Ragreg.
7. Obtain a letter from NPC Ragreg to be sent to NPC Thorgreg.
8. Obtain a letter from NPC Thorgreg to be sent to NPC Jaygreg.
9. Obtain a letter from NPC Jaygreg to be sent to NPC Hijaragreg.
10. Proceed to NPC Thorgreg to take the skill learning trial.
11. Return to NPC Hijaragreg to trigger another skill learning trial.
12. Return the item obtain after completing the trial to NPC Hijaragreg.
13. "Close Confine" learned!

*eRO perperty

Monk - Champion - Noghaltz Quest Skill

Monk - Champion
Ki Translation
*Character's weight must be at 0 to learn this skill.
1. Proceed to St. Caprina Abbey and find NPC Monk (monk_test 316 69) in the Monk Guild.
2. Talk to NPC Training Monk (prt_monk 270 198).
3. ¡§Ki Translation¡¨ learned!

Ki Explosion
*Character must have ¡§Ki Translation¡¨ to learn this skill.
1. Talk to NPC Monk (monk_test 316 69) in the Monk Guild.
2. Collect Stem*20 and Shoot*3, as requested by the NPC, and bring it to him.
3. "Ki Explosion" learned!

*eRO property

Redemptio - Priest - Hight Priest - Noghaltz Quest

Redemptio - Priest - Hight Priest
*Character must have "Resurrection" to learn this skill.
1. Proceed to the Prontera Church and find NPC Nun Linus (prt_church 111 112).
2. Collect Holy Water*30 and Blue Gemstone*20 to learn the skill.
3. Few attempts might be required, as there are chances of failure.
4. "Redemptio" learned!

As a requirement, character would need to have EXP amount allocated for deduction to use this skill, i.e. EXP at 0% would be unable to activate the skill.

*eRO property

Shrink - Crusader - Paladin - Quest

Shrink - Crusader - Paladin

1. Proceed to NPC Ford (geffen 110 117) and a request to find a NPC Soldier (gef_fild13 297 242) is made.
2. Prepare Red Potion*1 for the soldier and return to NPC Ford for further help.
3. Proceed to the Prontera Church to find NPC Arther Pastor (prt_church 87 127) for assistance to cure the soldier .
4. Collect Sticky Mucus*20, Empty Bottle*3, Jellopy*5, Coal*1, Cyfar*3, Grape*1, and Unripe Apple*1 to prepare an antidote.
5. Player must race the antidote back to NPC Soldier to cure him. If failed, return to NPC Arther Pastor for another antidote.
6. Once successful, the NPC will reward player with the new skill.
7. 'Shrink' learned!

RO commercial server property

Noghaltz New Quest Skills

Charge Attack - Knight - Lord Knight

1. Proceed to the Knight Guild and talk to NPC Knight Member (prt_in 85 99).
2. Talk to NPC Knight Leader and all the NPCs Knight Member outside the Knight Guild.
3. NPC Knight Member on the left (prontera 66 358) will mention about Candy Striper and Witherless Rose.
4. Collect Candy Striper*5 and Witherless Rose*3, and bring it to NPC Knight Member (prt_in 85 99).
5. Continue the conversation with the NPC until the skill is obtained.
6. 'Charge Attack' learned!

*property of Ragnarok Online

Dandelion Quest - Noghaltz - Ragnarok Online Game Guide

Dandelion Quest - Noghaltz - Ragnarok Online Game Guide

1. Find the respective NPC, according to job classes, to receive the Letter of Recommendation.

Izlude NPC Guild Official, at the 8 o'clock area (izlude 103 106):
For Swordman class characters and Novice class characters

Prontera NPC Sanctuary Official, at the entrance of the Prontera Church (prontera 237 313):

For Acolyte class characters

Alberta NPC Guild Official, at the 6 o'clock area (alberta 129 59):
For Merchant class characters and Soul Linkers

Geffen NPC Academy Official, at the entrance of Geffen Tower (geffen 123 109):
For Magician class characters

Morocc NPC Girl, at the 6 o'clock area (morocc 155 56):
For Thief class characters and Star Gladiator

Payon NPC Guild Official, at the entrance of Archer Village (payon 231 323):
For Archer class characters and Taekwon Boy/Girl

2. Bring the Letter of Recommendation to a building at Morocc 8 o'clock and be greeted by NPC Sharp Looking Man (morocc 43 108).

3. Find the NPC Bar Master (que_job01 82 95) to ask about the mission.

4. Proceed to the inner room and enter the room on the left of NPC Tao. (*Players are given 4 minutes to remain in the room

5. Proceed to the designated spots to restore the Elements:

a. (moc_fild19 21 33), 7 o'clock direction, Great Nature*1 required
b. (moc_fild12 280 36), 5 o'clock direction, Flame Heart*1 required
c. (moc_fild10 281 148), center location, Rough Wind*1 required
d. (moc_fild07 192 166), center location, Mistic Frozen*1 required

Report back to NPC Lin after completing the assignment.

6. Proceed to the Inn (morocc 199 64) and find NPC Chief Assistant Shepete to gather information about the Tower of Thanatos.

7. Inform NPC Lin and will be requested not to inform NPC R regarding this.

8. Talk to NPC R and will be assigned to investigate the Tower of Thanatos. (Players will need to proceed until Step 6 of the Tower of Thanatos FAQ and read the text of the mechanism)

9. Return to Morocc. Meet NPC Lin at the entrance. Proceed to NPC R's room but will find it to be empty, but heard the conversation from NPC Lin.

10. Find NPC Lin and NPC Valdez and will hear the sound of ritual chanting.

11. Proceed to the Morocc Castle and find NPC Man (moc_castle 40 20). (Players will be sent to the next location after the conversation with the NPC)

12. Explore the passage and defeat all the monsters.

13. Talk to NPC Dandelion Comrade (que_job02 66 85) and proceed to look for NPC Lin.

14. Talk to NPC Kyd, NPC Lin and NPC Dandelion Comrade, and NPC R will summon monsters.

15. After defeating the monsters, return to Morocc to find NPC Lin, NPC Kyd and NPC Valdez to receive a Jewel Box as reward.

*property of eRO

Sonic Acceleration Quest/Noghaltz Quest

Episode Noghaltz just arrived on pRO. Here's a start for those who want's to do the Sonic Acceleration Quest/Venom Knife Quest. I'll update more later

Venom Knife

1. Proceed to the Assassin Guild and find NPC Assassin (in_moc_16 14 27).
2. Venom Knife learned!

Character would need to equip Venom Knife to use this skill. Item can be bought from NPC Creepy Looking Merchant (in_moc_16 22 20) in the Assassin Guild.

Sonic Acceleration
*Character must be Job Lv30 and above, or Assassin Cross to learn this skill.
*Character must have Sonic Blow to learn this skill.

1. Talk to NPC Assassin (in_moc_16 23 27) in the Assassin Guild.
2. Player will be assigned to undergo a mission to investigate certain areas for some valuable treasures at in_sphinx2 or moc_pyrd04. (a dialog box and several options will pop out for you to choose, the result is random)
3. After obtaining the required item, return to the NPC.
4. Sonic Acceleration learned!

possible location of treasure might be as follow:
in_sphinx2 259 213
in_sphinx2 212 267
in_sphinx2 13 163
in_sphinx2 13 146
moc_pryd04 85 96

Tip for SA questors

If a coffin you approach give you status aliments, stick to that coffin until you get the stone.

Monday, September 25, 2006

You already use Bots. Be contented with it.

Ragnarok Online in the Philippines is a big success. With over 10,000 players on 1 server on its first launch, its no wonder the competition is stiff, and several players want to gain an “edge” to other players. This is where Bots come into picture. Bots are automated programs designed specifically for one purpose: to let you gain extra levels- even while sleeping. It became an epidemic and uncontrollable that Levelup!games, the company who hosts the game actually gave up in eradicating it. It’s no problem to players since almost all uses it anyway.

Bots alone is a form of cheating. But as I’ve said, it already became some sort of necessity in order to survive in the game. But some people wanted more. In my site alone, keywords like “Zenny Duplicators” and “Item generators” are common. To make things everything clear and shut the idiotic dreamers who think such programs exists, NO, IT DOES NOT EXIST! And to make to shut your sorry asses more, here’s a piece of question: You are bot. Now you actually want for forge/fake money? Isn’t pathetic? It kills the game you know

Philippine’s Combat Against Piracy a Big Joke

“Software piracy rate in the Philippines went down to 71% in 2004, a decrease of 1% from the 2003 level. However, losses due to software piracy increased to US$69 million (PhP3.7 billion) from US$55 million last year. In the Asia Pacific, 53% of the software installed on personal computers was pirated in 2004, the same level as in 2003, with losses increasing from US$7.5 billion to almost US$8 billion.” – BSA

Despite enormous publicity of government about piracy, their efforts are miniscule to be exactly called, uh, effort. I’ve seen countless breaking news of pirated stalls raided, and usually, it’s the same place as before - Greenhills. I cannot understand why stiff IP (Intellectual Property) laws as portrayed on T.V. cannot prevent the perpetrators from selling their illegal goods again. But one thing is certain, the fight against piracy in the Philippines is beginning to become a political tool-A mask perfect for gaining the people’s confidence to the government.

Filipino software programmers are discouraged to make programs- and they have reason to be. While most Filipino people buy Pirated movies and softwares instead of licensed ones, Software programmers cry as their masterpieces spread to every computer like a virus, without compensation. They won’t even get a thank you remark. For a common pirated buyer, this mean nothing to them. But for a developing country like the Philippines where ICT is a critical tool for success, it’s a big problem.

The government must employ stricter policies to combat this crime. Piracy is not something to be taken lightly. Php3.7 billion losses is not just a shimmering number. It shows how lame our policies are and our fight against piracy

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Assassin Cross Build

Ragnarok Game - Builds - Assassin Cross

I'm tired of seeing SB builds, SD builds. Heck, here's a hybrid guide!

For those planning to make an SB sinX, Here's my Build. This is still experimental and i'm still waiting for mine to reach Base 99/Job 70. So all here is still theoretical. Feel free to tweak it to suit your taste. (But don't make one the same as below. I still don't know what this build can do. Atleast not until mine reaches max level.)

Included a damage simulation with Orc Lord and Emperium using the weapons indicated and the build explanation below.

Damage Simulation with Orc Lord DD mode

Minimum Damage 3993(190)
Average Damage 4710(213.5)
Maximum Damage 5498(237)
Damage Per Second 9556.85
Minimum Number of Hits 47
Average Number of Hits 54
Maximum Number of Hits 64

Damage Simulation with Orc Lord SB mode

Minimum Damage 12665
Average Damage 14208
Maximum Damage 15743
Damage Per Second 7104
Minimum Number of Hits 25
Average Number of Hits 28
Maximum Number of Hits 32
Average Battle Durration 56s

Damage Simulation with Orc Lord SD mode (Using the same weapon for DD, assuming there's no time to equip +10 3 hardworking Saber on right hand)
Minimum Damage 9207(6900+2307)

Average Damage 10719(8150+2569)
Maximum Damage 12331(9500+2831)
Damage Per Second 3533.74
Minimum Number of Hits 32
Average Number of Hits 37
Maximum Number of Hits 43
Average Battle Durration 112.23s

Damage Simulation with Emperium (Dual Wielding Ice pick/+10 2 racial/size cards + Cursed water)

Minimum Damage 3766(162)
Average Damage 4161(172.5)
Maximum Damage 4614(183)
Damage Per Second 8421.74
Minimum Number of Hits 10
Average Number of Hits 11
Maximum Number of Hits 12
Average Battle Durration 8.37s

Damage Simulation with Orc Lord, GT mode

Minimum Damage 2585
Average Damage 3109
Maximum Damage 3627
Damage Per Second 5757.41
Minimum Number of Hits 109
Average Number of Hits 127
Maximum Number of Hits 153
Average Battle Durration 68.58s


Str 95 + 25 = 120
Int 30 + 10 = 40
Agi 55 + 15 = 70
Dex 58 + 22 = 80
Vit 47 + 3 = 50
Luk 2 + 8 = 10

All stats boosted with Blessing

ASPD when dual wielding: 161.9 with awakes
ASPD when katar: 172.8

HP 13226
SP 765

2 GoMs

Weapons DD mode - +10 2 racial damascus, Ice pick
Weapons SB Mode - +9 Infiltrator

Key Skills:
KM 10
AdKM 5
SD 10
Right Mastery 5
Left Mastery 0 (Not worth getting, IMO)
GT 5

Build explanation:

Vit is kept to lowest i can tolerate to avoid 1 Shot Acid Bomb
Luk is raised to 2 for perfect dodge bonus, making the final stat point 0
Dex is kept to mid, waiting for Noghaltz' Sonic Acceleration quest skill

Left Hand Mastery is kept to 0 and replaced by GT. Damage difference between level 5 LH Mastery and level 0 LH Mastery is 400+ with EDP, meaning 100 w/o EDP.

Another Reason:

Maximum no. of hit against Orc Lord with Level 5 LH Mastery is 61 Hits
Maximum no. of hit against Orc Lord with Level 0 LH Mastery is 64 Hits

A 3-Hit difference. O.o

Damage Analysis:
Damage is high, but Pure builds will definately have higher. Good thing about this build is all offensive skills do quite fair damage, All have good DPM. Meaning with proper handling, you can outdone a pure sinX build on combat.

I did a damage test on PvP with EDP-SB using +4 Infiltrator. At lvl 78 SB reaches 1.6k per hit, 4000-5000 SD using Infiltrator. Haven't tried going DD though. That's STILL without the proposed accesories and weapons.

Potential Damage can still be higher. I didn't include stat increasing headgears. Because this is a hybrid build. You can't stick to one headgear.

Blessing is the only damage increasing support skill included. Meaning you can still have higher damage with other support skills such as Impositio Manus from Priests/HPs , Endow Elements from Sages/Scholars, Provoke from the Knight class and other support skills.

Additional damage can be attained from Sonic Acceleration.

Again, this are all still theoretical

Legal Crap
Credits to Doddlercon calculator and my damage test dummies
Feel free to distribute it. Just don't forget to include this link or i'll screw your ass


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Levelup Games is Dying

Another sign of a dying gaming company is the presence of the Google Ads in the Levelup! Games official website. . Though the company is still currently the major pay-per-play company in the Philippines, the constant decrease of population of its flagship game, Ragnarok Online is obviously contributing in Levelup! Games’ decrease in revenue. Google Ads, are targeted advertisements from Google’s program called Adsense. Advertisers pay the Publishers (Which in this case the Levelup! Games website) to display these advertisements and in turn get paid for it. Though it is not an issue that the company implemented this, it’s starting to contradict their rules and regulations regarding their games. Commonly, these targeted Ads displays “Selling online games currencies” Which does not only includes Ragnarok Online’s zenny, but other MMORPG currencies as well. It is clearly stated on their Policies that these kind of trades are illegal. The policy clearly stated that:

What is Illegal Trading?

Illegal Trading is to exchange Ragnarok Online items, zenies, or accounts with real money or goods; or to swap Ragnarok Online items, zenies, or characters from one account in a server for items, zenies, or characters in another account and server.

Current List of Illegal Trades:
· RO item for real money is illegal
· RO item in one server for RO item in another server is illegal
· RO account for real money is illegal
· RO characters in one server for RO characters in another server is
· RO Load for RO item / zeny is illegal
· ISP Card for RO item / zeny is illegal
· Cel Card for RO item / zeny is illegal
· Zeny for real money is illegal
· Zeny in one server for item / zeny in another server is illegal

*Taken from Levelup! Official Website.

Bots, which the company is allegedly trying to eradicate are being promoted on the Ads as well.

It is an act of desperation? Judge by yourself.

Just my two cents

Monday, August 07, 2006

Testing your Internet Speed

Why Test? Testing how fast your internet connection speed lets you know that you're getting the most out of your Internet Service Provider. If you happen to experience slow pageloads, downloads and uploads, you can use the data you gathered from internet speed tests when you report you problem to your ISP. There are a lot of bandwidth tests available on the internet. But one of my favorite is the one by

It gives you a nice graph where your connection speed falls. The graph shows both download and upload speed. I got a rating of 445kbps out of my max 512kbps connection. Not bad at all. Try it out. Most cust care reps get intimidated when the caller knows their exact internet connection speed rating. lol

Globelines Wiz and Worldpass – going WI-FI

Let’s define first what these services are

So what is Worldpass? It allows you to use your existing Globelines Internet service, whether it’s dialup or broadband. Or WIFI

And what it Wiz? Wiz stands for Wireless Internet Zone. It lets you connect to the Internet via WIFI enabled laptop, PDA, or cellphone.

The good thing about this service is you can use your existing internet service and connect to the internet wherever you are. Sounds cool eh? But you need to have the proper equipment. But if you already have it, let’s move to configuration

For manual Wi-Fi configuration:
1. Set the SSID/Network Name of the Wireless LAN enabled device to “GlobeQUEST”. For MAC users, enter the DNS server configuration as (Primary DNS: ; Secondary DNS:
2. Launch the Internet Browser and enter a website you wish to go to
(i.e., or any other website).
3. A login page will appear to prompt for your User ID and Password. Type in your user ID, followed by “” for Luzon or “” for Visayas. Example: Type in your password.
4. Upon successful authentication, the webpage of your requested URL will appear and you will be connected to Internet. If not, type in the website again.
5. To end your internet session, press “Logout” or type in “” in the browser window you are using.

For automatic Wi-Fi modems:

General Instructions for WINDOWS XP:
1. Double-click on the Wireless Network Connection icon on the task bar.
2. Click Properties
3. Click the Wireless Network tab.
4. Under Available Networks, select GlobeQUEST and click Configure
5. In the Network Name (SSID) box, enter globequest (all lowercase) and click OK.
6. Click OK again and Close.

Oh btw, going WIFI doesn’t necessarily means that you can go surfing the web from like, mars or something. You need to be in a Hotspot zone in order to use them. As of now, hotspots are located only at

Ayala Center Cebu
Ayala Greenbelt 2
Ayala Greenbelt 3
Coffee Beanery, Greenbelt 3
Cebu City Sports Club
Greenhills Theatre Mall
Mactan Shangri-La Hotel
Pioneer Highlands
RCBC EAT Food Court

Globelines are implementing hotspots in these area soon

Fontana Leisure Park
Fontana Convention Center
Kaya Restaurant, Rockwell
Kelly Blue Café
University of Asia and the Pacific
The Hub, Podium Mall
Bo's Coffee, Davao
Paseo De Santa Rosa

*Configuration came from globe